The best server ever! Lightweight is the way!

Faster than Flash

We are hosted with a great hosting! Our package is the best one so you won't experience lag or crashes that interrupts the gameplay.

Locally play

Near to you! As we have no lag, the ping is also extremely low. Seems you're playing locally!

Guaranteed fun.

Find the love of your Minecraft. Play with us and increase


News coming out of the oven!


Some features of our Server!

Great Economy

Our economy is very balanced! We do our best to distribute wealth.
Even if you don't donate, you can still become rich. We would appreciate if you'd donate though!

Faction System

Make your own empire today!
Start making history with our Earth map factions server!


UWARS has daily PvP Events just for fun!
Bring your friends and let's practice together!
Are you ready to show us your abilities?

Listen to the players!

Several famous people played in the UWARS network and recommend to everyone to come and meet the family!


Claytonrabe, A Famous Instagrammer

"One of the best servers out there, would recommend to all my friends."

"It's simply awesome and recommended."

Meet our team!

Our Major Staff! You can always count on them!

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ElCodice is from USA. He is the UWARS Founder He worked hard on bringing back UWARS in 2020.

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Zoran1205 is from the Netherlands. He is a legend. He created most of the builds, mostly in KitPVP. He has helped our community so much.

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Impoverish is from USA. AKA UprisingRyan, he was one of the first Admins in the server. Willing to help as many players as possible. Say happy birthday Ryan to him!

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28er is from Australia! One of our only staff that lives in the other side of the globe!

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6d6perturn is from the UK. He's been a great help to our community!